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Margaret Archambault Painter / Collage Artist

Solo Exhibitions:


2017 "In Tens; A Single Century to Live", Tim Faulkner Gallery, Portland, Ky.

2016 "The Silk Screen Series" - Tim Faulkner Gallery Louisville/Portland Ky.

2015 "Revolutions v/s Revelations" - Tim Faulkner Gallery Louisville/Portland, Ky.

2013 "Impressions on Influence" - Tim Faulkner Gallery Louisville/Butchertown, Ky.

2011 "Infinitesimal Convergence" - Tim Faulkner Gallery Louisville/Market St. Ky.

2010 "Small Works & New Paintings" - 3rd Street Coffee Louisville/Market St. Ky.

1998 "Abstractions" -Anonymous Artists Gallery, Highlands/Louisville, Ky.

Select Group Shows

2019 Fall Portrait Exhibition, Tim Faulkner Gallery, Louisville, Ky. 

2018 Opus No. 5, Tim Faulkner Gallery, Louisville, Ky.

2018 Alley Gallery Artist, Downtown Louisville Partnership, Ky.

2015-2009 Select Corporate rotations, Louisville, Ky.

2015 Open Studio Exhibition, Louisville Visual Arts Association, Cressman Center, Louisville, Ky.

2015 Art Squared, Louisville Visual Arts Association Public Gallery, Louisville, Ky.

2014 Art Squared, Louisville Visual Arts Association Public Gallery, Louisville, Ky.

2012 Art of Dreams: Dream Factory Art Fundraiser, Featured Artist, FAF Gallery, Louisville, Ky.

2009 First Friday Trolley HOP, Artist Booth, River Bend Winery, Louisville, Ky.

2009 Art Cartel Live, Featured Live Painter, Ice House/Art Cartel, Louisville, Ky.

2009 NULU Festival Artist booth, Louisville, Ky.

2009 Collection, River Bend Winery, Louisville, Ky.

2008 First Friday Trolley HOP, Featured Artist, Joe Ley Antiques, Louisville, Ky.

2007 All Together Now, Collage & Oils, Huff Gallery, Louisville, Ky.

2007-2004 New Paintings Swanson Reed Contemporary, Louisville, Ky.


2004-2007 Spalding University: BA Interdisciplinary Humanities w/Art Focus - 

                  Summa cum Laude / Louise Kannapell Award Recipient 

                  Permanent University Collection 2006

2003-2004 Jefferson Community College: Arts/Education Major

                  Published: Jefferson Review 2004

1996-1997 Jefferson Community College: Art Major

1986-2017 College of Life: Artist - Direct Experience 


2016 Keynote guest-speaker graduation ceremony Spalding University

2007 Spalding University: Louise Kannapell Award Recipient for excellence in Arts & Humanities.

2007 Spalding University: Graduating student Senior Project Winner - Faculty Awarded

2006 Spalding University: Painting "It's All In Your Head" chosen for the permanent collection.

















 Something for the Reader

Welcome, and thank you for visiting my website. I hope my work will inspire and motivate. I have a deep affection for mark making, palette, texture, and complex composition.  My desire to express meaning or theme can always be found within these elements. Issues reflecting on the human condition and our individual roles within the world around us are often my primary focus. I spend a great deal of time in an attempt to reveal different universal aspects in life-living; even if they are usually hidden. Our experiences and the experience of them, regardless of manifestation, share a commonality. We are all faced with the problems of living and my work as an artist is always about solving these problems. My problem-solving techniques come to fruition as the compositions develop and problems, regardless of complexity are solved on the canvas.


One of the most satisfying exhibitions I created took place in October 2013 and was titled "Impressions on Influence." This exhibition considered the fact that we, as a culture have been trained to judge, to categorize, and to desire the unobtainable. On any given day, 90% of all we see is controlled by only 9 major corporations. This training creates an insatiable desire to obtain more or better than what we have. Within this unnatural desire, we continually find dissatisfaction. This is what the Big 9 want. When we drive past homes and glance through windows and assume we know the lives being lived inside or we drive past cars and make judgments about the drivers we perpetuate our own misery. Everywhere we turn, we see either whom we want to be or whom we don’t. Either way, when we make such a blind choice, we support those in power. We support Madison Avenue, not ourselves. The infinite circle of power becomes stronger when we allow ourselves to be influenced to want what we're being sold. “Impressions on Influence” was both an investigation and a reflection of my desire to reveal the fallacy of our misguided convictions. Each piece is its own story, unrecognizable, but familiar. When we are force fed our needs, we become incapable of true independence. The comfort found in the mainstream is not only false, but it controls our ability to satisfy ourselves. We are spoon fed the code to decipher the chaos that surrounds us by the media. The unfortunate fact is the code is only an illusion. The only true way to escape the barrage is to remove oneself from the mainstream and focus within and in nature. How we love, who we love, how we eat, how we dress, how we live, what we drive, what we want, must all begin within and not from outside. Dissatisfaction is just an illusion.

I consider my paintings to be both reflective and investigative. Each piece I complete represents a series of problems that I have created both figuratively & literally that desperately need a solution. A completed piece represents the solution itself. No mark too complicated to resolve and no composition too difficult to balance.  I have completed more than 200 paintings, drawings & collages over the past 25 years.  My love of line, palette, texture, and complex composition fuels my need to develop understandings of the human condition and our individual roles within the surrounding world.  Solving the problem of these intentional complexities is where my compositions come to fruition. My use of collage to represent and explore the affect mainstream media on our choices is often a common theme. The power of what we see and how it alters our ability to find what we consider “happiness” is something I find challenging and worth exploration. The grass is NEVER actually greener than our own patch, regardless of how fresh, green and pleasing another appears.  One recent body of work investigated and recorded the cyclical nature of my own life.  From the mediocre and mundane to the exhilarating and brilliant, we are shaped and created by the good, the bad, the happy and the sad, each moment a point in a repeated cycle of discovery. Regardless of our desires and often in direct defiance of our “plans”, the revolutions of time and the changes that come with it lead us to the revelations that alter our paths.


The “Silk Screen Series” has a universal message about the world around us all and those who affect our lives. More often than not, we make decisions based on what we think is expected of us or what someone else wants us to do. These decisions often lead to destinations we never expected and only after we have arrived do we recognize the folly.

My 2017 show "In Tens; A Single Century to Live" reflected the insanity that has become social

media. The hours wasted arguing with strangers about issues that clearly would never happen in actual face to face conversations is both horrifying and sad. The relationships in our lives require an actual presence to evolve, not some anonymous keyboard cloak. Great things come from strong individuals who live each day being the best person they can be. This show reminded us all that we only have 36,500 days to LOVE if we make it all the way to 100.  

This site contains both earlier work and current pieces. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about the work. I look forward to hearing from you

One of 2 of my

Alley Gallery


Public Art 

Downtown Louisville