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36,500 Days To Love

If you are lucky enough to live to be 100 you will only get about 5,217 weeks, 1,199 months, or 36,500 days to experience whatever life has to offer. I painted the giant 84" x 60" canvas during a period when all I seemed to see were arguments and stressful situations permeating social media. Arguments that would have never taken place in "real life". It occurred to me that such and enormous waste of our valuable time was tragic. The limited time we have should be dedicated to loving as much as possible. Throughout this piece there are equations for time itself and reminders of how short our time is. All the roman numeral X's in black add up to 100. All the roman numeral X's in white add up to 100. All the hash marks add up to 100. The references to 100 are prolific in this piece and drive home the idea that if you make it to 100 remember that you only get 876,581 hours...experience them as wisely as possible and stay focused on the good things. :)

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